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How to Watch “Praying the Hours”—When You’re in the Mood

June 15, 2021

For those who have asked, “How can I watch Praying the Hours?” Or for those who have commented, “I can’t wait until this comes out!” Praying the Hours is done. That means, for a film not made for conventional distribution, it’s also “out.”  Praying the Hours won’t have a red carpet premiere at the Egyptian,…

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Have I Ever Heard of You?

June 8, 2021

Artists are used to this: A friendly stranger at a dinner party asks, “So, what do you do?” It’s a polite, well-intentioned question, but it will end badly. When I answer, “I’m a filmmaker,” fervent but misguided questions follow, usually some version of, “have I heard of anything you’ve done?” or as one stranger asked…

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If You Don’t Care Who Gets Credit

June 1, 2021

I have a favorite reality-check quote: “You can get a lot done if you don’t care who gets credit.” I had that reminder hanging on my office wall for many years: ironically, I don’t know who said it. It’s a challenging idea, but it kept my eyes on the prize of completing a project rather…

Jonathan Foster and Lauralee Farrer in PTFF parade

Of the World’s 10,000 Film Festivals, Why Poland?

May 25, 2021

Not all film festivals are created equal. There’s a very small handful of “majors” like Cannes, Berlin, or Sundance, where stratospheric deals are made, celebrities parade, lives of undiscovered talent change forever. There, the world gets a glimpse of what they’ll be watching in the coming year while some films sink into obscurity. At the…


Looking for Audiences Who Are Looking for “Praying the Hours”

May 19, 2021

The release of any film is a long-term campaign. When I was a young filmmaker, I thought the finish line was just getting the film done—as if it would magically find an audience for itself just by existing. Now I know that it requires loads of research, knowledge about existing channels through which films are…


The Best Stories Are In the End Credits

May 12, 2021

The movie Praying the Hours, finished just a week or so ago, has hundreds of names listed in the end credits. Those names reflect the scores of people and resources it takes to make a film. Both in front of and behind the camera, it requires people who are willing to show up ready to…

Sound Designer Scott Weber and the final pass of "Sext" for Praying the Hours

When You Finally Finish Something that Is Never Done

May 5, 2021

Last Saturday we pressed “print” on the final stage of the feature film Praying the Hours. Sound Designer Scott Weber, Composer Lauren Meares, Editor Patrick O’Neil Duff, and I spent 11 hours in the loveliest new studio at Smart Sound Post in Glendale, with the best treats. Sunday I was like a person after a…

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If You Will, You Can Become All Flame

April 25, 2021

An ancient story tells of two monks, the younger searching for meaning: Abba Lot went to see Abba Joseph and said to him,  “Abba, as far as I can, I say my little office,I fast a little, I pray and meditate, I live in peace and, as far as I can, I purify my thoughts.…


Of Premieres and Purpose

November 9, 2013

by Lauralee Farrer, director It always seems that just when it’s most important to post, most interesting, there is least time for it. Blog posting for me, like journaling, is nearly always frustratingly anticipatory or reflective, losing the amazing energy of the “now” of filmmaking. Rather quietly, and without fanfare for the Burning Heart Productions…

shadow of None

A long-awaited story

October 8, 2013

by Lauralee Farrer, director In a little more than a week, after years of work, the first installment of Praying the Hours will be seen publicly. The story of None has become very dear to us and we are glad to put it out in the world. The fact that something from this project will…