Lauralee and leftovers

’tis love that’s born tonight

December 25, 2011

by Director Lauralee Farrer Oh the joys of preproduction. Last week our world was rocked: our bank cancelled our accounts for random reasons even they cannot explain; insurance rates skyrocketed; our lead actor, Marcia Whitehead, has been struck with a vicious case of bronchitis and we have no idea when she will be able to…

Bette's prayed over PTH brochure

Finally, En Route to Indiana

December 23, 2011

by Tamara Johnston McMahon I am ecstatic that principal photography starts mere days from now! For months the producing team has been working diligently on every detail imaginable in order to make this happen; everything from equipment (the Scarlet camera that played so hard to get!), the budget (where’s it coming from!) the actors (who…

Chris flying toward the skylight

The beginning of production

December 20, 2011

By Lauralee Farrer Since I started writing the script for Praying the Hours nearly a decade ago, it has been a long and emotional ride to January 2012. During that journey, loved ones have been born and loved ones have died—including Matthew Diederich, whose last words to me were, “when are we going to make…