Walking the Cinematic Path Together

October 20, 2021
zoom Q&A between PTFF Director Janette Force and film Director Lauralee Farrer

Port Townsend Film Festival Director Janette Force and Praying the Hours Director Lauralee Farrer have a robust zoom Q&A.

That’s how Janette Force put it, director of the Port Townsend Film Festival, on her last year running one of the most robust, innovative, and gleefully exuberant fests I’ve ever been part of: “So grateful for this walk on the cinematic path together, my dear.” PTFF graciously allowed us to link through to the interview that Janette and I did together—a lovely time of discussing Praying the Hours and closing out a festival organizer/filmmaker relationship that has turned, over the years, to friendship. Film lovers like Janette, and others like her who give of time, talent, and resources to support the makers of unconventional films, are part of the ecosystem necessary for work from other voices to flourish. I thank her for the years she has supported work like mine (and kudos to her family, too, because families always give to endeavors like this—even if it’s just the relinquishment of time with their loved ones). I will miss her leadership in this role, as I am also grateful to participate in her final year, but we will be friends and mutual supporters from now on—perhaps even more so. Because, as she rightly says, “You and I are clearly able to make the space for the journey into the unknown, but, to be fair, the level of suffering that surrounds us calls for a deep need to abandon reality and drift into a calm, known place with our art, our music, and our literature.” How right you are, sister. Go well into this next season, and I’ll see you on the path.

You can watch our interview here if you are interested, and watch this space in the next few weeks for exciting news about distribution of Praying the Hours. If you want to see the film or receive updates, write to info@burningheartproductions.com. To contribute to its release, gohere.